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Therapeutic touch massage

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Therapeutic touch massage eliminates pain and stress, giving you a better physical and psychological condition.

therapeutic touch massages

A real program for everyday ailments, massage is a magnet for lovers of alternative medicine.

Anti-cellulite massage, sports massage, pregnant woman massage, lymphatic drainage, relaxation massage, you can choose between several types of massage according to the expected therapeutic result.

Origins of massage

  1. Instinctively, man used therapeutic touch to relieve body aches.
  2. It is the ancestor of massage, known in China for 5,000 years.
  3. The evolution of knowledge in anatomy has made this technique more and more reliable and efficient.
  4. In Asia, Ayurvedic and shiatsu massage therapy  have been very popular with the public.
  5. It is the same in the West with physiotherapy, holistic massage and Breuss massage, which are starting to gain ground.

Principles of therapeutic touch massage

Therapeutic touch massage differs from relaxing massage by its healing power.

It is intended to relieve and treat diseases that can affect the body.

This gives him the ability to cope with many physical and psychological pains.

In addition, therapeutic touch massages are suitable for everyone, from young children to the elderly.

However, only a qualified massage therapist can perform it.

A true natural remedy against the aches and pains of daily life, massage is prescribed for the treatment of:

  1. skin problems such as cellulite and excess fat
  2. muscle and joint diseases
  3. mobility problems
  4. nervousness, tension and stress
  5. sleep disorders
  6. back pain, chronic migraines
  7. painful periods
  8. cardiovascular diseases
  9. kidney, digestive and respiratory problems
  10. psychological disorders


Top therapeutic massage is practiced most often with a massage oil; in general, essential oil. The choice of this one depends on the part of the body to be treated as well as the desired goal. Other massage products such as talc, creams and gels are also an alternative.

In addition, a therapeutic massage session lasts between forty-five minutes and one hour and a half.

  1. The massage therapist applies the massage oil to the area to be treated or the entire body
  2. Then he begins the massage with effleurage to heat the muscles and to promote the penetration of the product used. 
  3. He then continues with kneading and friction movements
  4. At last, he ends the session with super tapping pats.


Massage acts on the entire body. It helps to treat the skin surface and regulate the functioning of the lymphatic system, the nervous system and the digestive system.

In addition,

  1. it strengthens muscle tone and joints (tendons and ligaments)
  2. releave pain
  3. optimizes blood microcirculation
  4. improves kidney and heart function
  5. treats respiratory disorders.

In general, massage balances body metabolism and eliminates the toxins that cause stress and nervousness.

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