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Tips to lose weight quickly and naturally

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To resist the call of the storage room and the pastries of the small local bakery, there are simple tips lose weight!

When you try to lose weight, you may feel hungry between meals. It's the famous little craving that makes us fall back every time!  The secret is green tea, a natural and effective appetite blocker I use on a daily basis.

My tips to lose weight

Green tea

With liquid, you will feel less hungry, especially drinking tea. So instead of your water bottle, during the day, I drink plain or flavoured green tea of good quality (I bring mine from Tunisia). 

Green tea is a great choice to resist small cravings easily. As soon as I get hungry between meals, I drink a little hot or iced green tea, and I'm on my way back to keep me going for a few more hours. 

It really works: at 10 am I'm often hungry, I drink my cup of tea, I hold out until lunch. 

Powerful properties

In addition to helping me eliminate toxins, I will use theine as an aid in defying slackness. With this, you'll stop snacking and lose weight naturally and without any mood swings or relapses! 


When you want to lose weight, you want to do it naturally and safely. It is true that drastic diets are to be avoided. Fortunately, there is a natural trick: eating lemon.

Yes, just lemon.... Look at this:

To lose weight naturally without risk: heat 5 fl oz of water and pour it into a container. You could as well use hot green tea instead of water. Add 1 lemon. Drink this mixture every morning on an empty stomach for 1 month.


5 fl oz water or green tea

1 lemon 

How to do

1. 5 fl oz water should be heated and poured into a container.

2. Add 1 lemon.

3. drink the mixture obtained every morning on an empty stomach for one month. 


And here we are, thanks to this simple trick, you will naturally facilitate your weight loss: -)

Why does it work? 

Lemon is known to eliminate all the toxins we have in the body. It cleanses the body. In addition, this decoction gives a sensation of appetite relief. 

Be careful, some people should not consume too much lemon, especially on an empty stomach, otherwise they may experience severe stomach or kidney pain. In case of doubt, your doctor will advise you.

It's your turn....

Have you tried these tips thing to lose weight naturally?

Tell us in comments if it worked for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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