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Travel planning guide to health spa resorts in France

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A successful spa treatment requires a good choice and a good planning travel guide. Follow our tips to relax once you get there!

travel planning guide

Thalassotherapy is a set of treatments in a health spa resort, which is an appropriate setting for relaxation and well-being. The benefits of seawater and the marine environment invigorate body and mind.

Spa therapy can be preventive, curative or simply enjoyable. In the case of a thalasso cure, we prefer a long thalasso stay (one week). In the case of a wellness thalassotherapy, it could be a weekend thalasso or, abroad, a thalasso trip.

Why a spa vacation?

Going on a trip and taking care of yourself is the winning combination of a spa vacation. You will have the choice between destinations all over the world.

Many hotels, in France, offer spa treatments with personalized treatments and professionals to pamper you.

To take a cure, you must count at least 3 treatments per day. The care provided can be preventive or curative in nature. In order for the effects of the treatment to be effective in the long term, a minimum stay of 6 days is required.

Hotels providing spa treatments have additional facilities such as swimming pools, sauna, hammam and beauty treatments. In your free time, you can enjoy a little tourism and discover the local culture.

The benefits of a spa vacation

The benefits of seawater invigorate a body and relax the mind during the spa vacation.

Hotels providing spa treatments use water heated between 31°C and 35°C. Water at this temperature allows trace elements from seawater to penetrate the body and rebalance the body into minerals.

Some health problems such as joint pain and skin problems are treated during a spa therapy.

Sea air provides both healing and relaxing benefits. Indeed, treatments using the benefits of seawater and marine air are recommended for people with respiratory problems.

Seaside walks will also be a good way to reduce stress and fill your lungs with clean air.

A travel planning guide for spa discovery cure

Holidays in a health spa resort in France are organised according to your needs and in accordance with your health.

A thalasso trip can be planned à la carte. All-inclusive packages are also available. Resorts spa hotels offer a variety of treatments including traditional therapeutic massages.

Hotels take advantage of the touristic setting of the spa vacation to let you discover the country's or region's specialities by using local and typical products such as specific vegetable oils, essential oils, flowers,....

Thematic spa vacations

A spa vacation is ideal to restore energy to the body but also to relax and clear the mind. Spa facilities provide themed stays, but you can organize your own cure according to the treatments that will do you good. Some examples of thalasso stays:

  1. joint pain treatment
  2. circulatory cure
  3. respiratory tract cure
  4. special back cure

To choose the right spa vacation, ask the health spa resorts about the treatments they provide.

In this travel planning guide, I will show you how to: Add

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