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Treatment for chronic back pain

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How to relieve back pain

Relieving back pain through rest

Rest to relieve the back is contested. It is recommended to stay at rest during the painful acute phase, but to get back to activity very quickly as soon as the pain decreases. Indeed, strict and prolonged rest would be more damaging than beneficial!

Medical treatment for chronic back pain

Back pain can be relieved by medical treatment that can be made up of:

  1. analgesics
  2. anti-inflammatory drugs by oral or intra-muscular administration
  3. muscle relaxants

Infiltration to relieve back pain

Sometimes, infiltrations are necessary to relieve aches and pains. These are injections of anti-inflammatory products into the joint, performed either by a rheumatologist or a radiologist (some infiltrations require guidance under radiology).

Surgical treatment for chronic back pain

In rare cases, surgery may be necessary, especially when a disc disc hernia develops compressive symptoms.

Post-surgical pain may appear, so it is important that its indication is properly applied.

Other ways to relieve back pain

There are many ways to relieve back pain or prevent it from reoccurring, such as:

  1. back pain massage
  2. acupuncture
  3. the use of a lumbar belt
  4. the choice of a suitable mattress
  5. physical exercises to strengthen the back (Pilates, for example, twice a week for 3 months, significantly improves the pain of people with chronic low back pain).

Natural treatments to relieve back pain

If the usual treatments (analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, etc.) are effective in fighting these pains, they can be complemented by natural treatments.

Plants for back pain

To fight against back pain, many plants can be used for their healing properties:

Note: these plants are available as capsules in pharmacies and parapharmacies.

  1. devil's claw: its particularity is to soften the muscle
  2. Arnica montana: this plant has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties
  3. the white willow: effective against back pain but also rheumatism;
  4. Bamboo: rich in silicon, it remineralizes the bone and accelerates the reformation of cartilage.

Essential oils

Using essential oils can also relieve your back pain. Here are the most effective ones:

  1. rosemary: to be used in massage, with a few drops of grapeseed oil
  2. ginger: very effective against muscle pain in general, also for use with grapeseed oil in massage
  3. St. John's wort: excellent anti-inflammatory, also to be used in combination with grapeseed oil for massage
  4. lavender: same properties as St. John's wort essential oil.

Back pain massage

Finally, some specific massages are very effective against back pain:

Good to know: some Asian relaxing exercises such as chi gong are also recommended for back pain.

  1. acupressure: Chinese massage technique based on the same principles as acupuncture but which replaces needles with fingertips pressure;
  2. naprapathy: a series of massages and stretches from Sweden, very effective against back and neck problems in general.

It is not recommended as a treatment for chronic back pain to give massages during painful acute stages.

treatment for chronic back pain

When to do back massages?

When the painful area is inflamed, it is even contraindicated to massage it, because massage would be more harmful than beneficial (it perpetuates the inflammation).

Wellness massages are beneficial after the period of acute pain or during chronic back pain.

Tonifying massages, such as a French massage are to be preferred outside of painful periods.

Do not hesitate to ask your doctor or physiotherapist if massages can be beneficial in your case.

Where to receive a back pain massage?

When you suffer from back pain, it is recommended to have the massages performed by a professional.

Physiotherapists or massage therapists know the gestures and manipulations to do and not to do depending on the type of back pain you suffer from.

Some sessions may be limited to gentle mobilizations, heat applications or more or less tonic massages.

Other sessions may involve electrotherapy equipment. This technique works by stimulating the nerves and partially blocking the message of the fibres that transmit pain.

In France, physiotherapy sessions can be covered by social security under certain conditions on medical prescription.

Where to receive treatment for chronic back pain in France?

Jonzac (Charente)

This treatment program relaxes the back, neck and shoulder muscles and helps to regain joint range of motion, with specific complementary activities focused on back pain.

Back pain cure

Molitg-les-Bains (Pyrénées Orientales)

This mini-cure allows you to take the time to flow and to get to know yourself better, to learn the right gestures, the right postures to stop suffering and to be really relieved. 

Mini back pain cure

Back pain help

Ask your questions. I will help you learn more about how your back works.

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