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Treatment lower back pain

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Treatment of a lumbago

Treatment lower back pain must deal with the origin.

Lumbago is a muscle pain caused by lower back muscle pain of the paravertebral muscles in the lumbar region (lower back). Its primary symptom is severe and sudden pain due to inadequate effort.

treatment lower back pain

Treatment lower back pain: treating the origin of the problem

To effectively relieve this back lower pain, the best solution is to focus on its origin, i.e. either the spinal dislocation itself or the very origins of this dislocation: digestive problem or emotional problem.

Drugs and physiotherapy as a treatment for lumbago

Generally, lumbago consists of being cured by treatments that deal with symptoms.

Treatment of lumbago with medication

Conventional drug treatment is intended to prescribe:

  1. anti-inflammatory drugs
  2. analgesics
  3. muscle relaxants to relieve pain

While this treatment is generally effective as long as it is followed, discontinuation of the treatment slightly precedes the return of the pain.

Lumbar belts are sometimes recommended to hold the lumbar spine and avoid sudden movements.

Treatment lower back pain by physiotherapy

Doctors tend to refer patients with lumbago to a physiotherapist.

This works to strengthen the abdominal belt and lumbar muscles, but if a vertebra is displaced, the treatment will be inadequate. Massages can be useful for a time to relax lower back muscle pain.

Physiotherapists will also be able to show the gestures and postures to be used in certain situations in order to protect the lumbar spine (bending the legs and pushing on them to lift a heavy object, etc.).

Similarly, you can use the Pilates method, which has proven its effectiveness in the management of chronic low back pain (two 50-minute sessions per week for three months or more, with significant results).

Osteopathy: the other treatment for lumbago

The treatment of lumbago can be managed by many alternative medicines. Osteopathy remains the leading method for the treatment of lumbago.

The osteopath has all the keys to effectively treat a patient suffering from lumbago, because he can:

  1. directly treat the " dislocated " vertebrae and, by reflex action, relax the muscle
  2. to treat the original cause by working
  3. on the organs (in case of digestive, urinary or gynaecological origin)
  4. on the skull (linked to the pelvis and playing a part in the lumbar system)
  5. on the cervical vertebrae, another particularly mobile area of the spine and playing an indirect part on the lumbar vertebrae

Sacrum, the pain in the glutes

What is a sacral pain?

Sacral pain is a back lower pain; it is located in the axis of the sacral vertebrae. It can also be called gluteal pain or sacralgia or sacrum pain.

What is the sacrum?

The sacrum is a bone made up of the five sacred vertebrae that are fused together. It allows the spine to be joined to the pelvis.

The sacrum is articulated at the side with the iliac bones (through the sacroiliac joints), its upper surface is in contact with the last lumbar vertebrae of the spine (lumbosacral joint), and its lower end with the coccyx (sacrococcygeal joint).

What are the origins of sacral pain?

Sacral pain can have many bone origins (identical to those in other sections of the back: degenerative, inflammatory, post-traumatic).

The sacral area is especially vulnerable to trauma, especially when falling on the buttocks, which can lead to fractures or cracks.

Buttock pain can also be the result of projected pain in internal organs: pelvic pain as well as menstrual pain often results in pain in the sacrum region.

Sacral pain can also come from a bad pelvic position (or tilting of the pelvis), this is especially the case in some pregnant women or in people with a predominant overweight at the belly level.

What treatments for gluteus pain?

The treatment of sacralgia will depend on the origin of the pain. In the face of any new unusual pain, it is recommended to visit your doctor for diagnosis and treatment initiation.

In case of poor pelvic position, it is advisable to visit a physiotherapist or to get a back pain massage.

For overweight people, regular physical activity with strengthening of the abdominal muscles usually helps to eliminate chronic pain.

Back pain help

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