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Learn to relieve your upper back muscle pain

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The origins of upper back muscle pain are quite different: disc herniation, scoliosis, muscle back pain, pregnancy, stress, car, computer, etc.

upper back muscle pain

Upper back muscle pain: 3 factors

Muscle injuries

Back pain can be the result of muscle damage. A poorly performed effort or sudden movement or the accumulation of micro-traumatisms can be the reason for this.

Muscle back pain may appear:

  1. in people who are in poor physical condition, overweight or who do little physical exercise
  2. in athletes during overexercise/competition, fatigue or overwork
  3. during an exercice without warm-up or physical preparation.

Upper back muscle pain usually disappears quickly with short rest, analgesics and, if necessary, anti-inflammatory drugs.

This back pain can be prevented by regular physical activity to control your weight and build up muscle.

Muscle tensions

Back pain can be the result of muscle tension. Most of the time, they are secondary to long-term immobility or stress.

Muscle back pain also disappears quickly. It may require analgesics, back pain massage, etc.

To prevent this back pain from becoming chronic, you must learn to manage your stress and practice relaxation exercises.

Muscle deficiency

The spine carries the body's weight. When the abdominal and lower back muscles are not strong enough to sustain her and help her maintain herself, the weight can become too heavy and trigger muscle back pain.

The abdominal and lumbar muscles play an essential part and constitute a kind of "natural lumbar belt". They also help to relieve the spine when carrying loads or twisting movements.

Regular, specific, adapted and properly performed exercises help to maintain muscle tone and avoid many chronic back pain.

Sport and upper back muscle pain

It is important to remember that the exercise should never be painful!

To prevent upper back muscle pain, sport is an essential alternative, including swimming, but also abdominal exercises, back strength training, back pain massage and the choice of quality chairs.

Why exercise?

Unlike what you might think, it is important to exercise when you suffer from back pain for several reasons:

  1. Sport allows you to build up your muscles in harmony. However, lumbar muscles and abdominal muscles are real partners for the spine. They are a kind of "natural belt" that helps to maintain and sustain the back.
  2. Physical activity results in the release of endorphins known for their analgesic properties and their ability to provide a sense of well-being.
  3. Sport is a good way to protect and strengthen your back!

Which sports to choose?

It is recommended to start exercising quickly as soon as a painful episode is over. The recovery of the sports activity must be progressive and must not be overdone. Some of the recommended sports require little investment and their beneficial effects are quickly felt:

  1. Swimming: this is the most recommended activity, especially backstroke. In water, the body is weightless and the spine is no longer under the same stress. Swimming gently works the lumbar muscles and abdominal muscles.
  2. Walking: it is a low-trauma activity that allows you to build up your muscles gently. Avoid taking long strides that would strain the back too much.
  3. Strengthening your back is a good way to prevent back pain!

What sports to avoid?

Some sports should be avoided when suffering from back pain. Do not choose sports that are too aggressive with abrupt movements or that strain the back too much. Sports not recommended are:

  1. sports with the risk of falling on your back: such as judo, fighting...
  2. sports with a racket (working on one side of the body): such as tennis, badminton...
  3. sports with shaking: such as horseback riding....

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