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Why don't you try a vinotherapy treatment in France?

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Would you like a little wine cure?

Be careful, we are not talking about a series of tastings in the caves, but about massages and baths using the properties of the grape.

An original wellness approach called vinotherapy. Discovery.


Don't feel bad if you don't know what wine therapy is. In France, few people know what it is.

You may already know it: grapes are particularly good for your health when they are eaten.

Wine therapy takes things a step further:  It consists in using the benefits of the grape during treatments such as massages, scrubs, wraps or baths.

Yes! Grapes are not only used as a food or a drink, but also in health spa treatments. 

Image you relaxing in a barrel of wine! 

It is based on the anti-ageing and toning properties of the vine and its grapes in the form of oil, pulp, grains or marc. Let me give you some explanations.

What are the benefits of grapes on your body?

You look younger

Contained in grape seeds, polyphenols are excellent protectors of your body's youth:

  1. These are the most powerful antioxidants in the plant world, they capture free radicals, responsible for the aging your skin cells.
  2. They have the following properties:
  • they improve skin microcirculation
  • they are excellent slimmers
  • they are provided with calming properties

They contain Resveratrol, present in the skin of grapes, which:

  1. promotes cell regeneration
  2. have beneficial effects on cardiovascular diseases and cancers
  3. intensify the firmness and youthfulness of the epidermis

You look more beautiful

Viniferine present in the vine's natural sap will make you more beautiful by:

  1. acting effectively to reduce stains on your skin, if you ever have some
  2. giving radiance to your complexion

You are revitalized

Organic grape water, extracted from fresh grapes:

  1. is rich in soothing trace elements such as potassium or calcium. Its action is similar to that of thermal waters
  2. is rich in moisturizing sugars
  3. quenches the skin's thirst;
  4. revitalizes the skin's irrigation system;
  5. limits skin dehydration.

You are nourished

Grape seed oil is Rich in omega 6 and vitamin E, it:

  1. intensely nourishes dry skin
  2. leaves a soft, non-greasy finish on the skin once applied

Grapes in your bathroom...

At home, you can exploit the properties of the natural active ingredients of grapes by making the beauty recipes you will find on my website.

Grape seed vegetable oil is very suitable for massage of mature, dry and damaged skin.

Easy scrub to try at home

It is easy to make a scrub.

Here is how:

  • crush fresh grapes and mixing the
  • add some honey
  • mix well
  • applied to the body and 
  • rinse thoroughly with water

The fruit acids from the grapes will serve as an exfoliating guarantee while the sugar will have a moisturizing action. The preparation releases the pores of the accumulated waste.

What treatments are performed in vinotherapy spa?

Massages, baths, masks, scrubs and wraps are performed during vinotherapy cures. These body treatments are based on elements of the grape and the vine such as grape marc, must, grape berries or even wine! We then find beauty treatments such as:

  1. massage with grape seed oil
  2. grape marc bath
  3. masks
  4. scrubs based on grape seeds
  5. honey and wine yeast wraps

Here is our top wine based treatments

A massage grape seeds

Relax for a body massage of grape seeds, honey, sugar and essential oils.

Why let yourself be tempted?

This treatment is renowned for cleansing the small excesses of everyday life and making your skin soft, silky and shiny. The skin is rejuvenated and "detoxified", you only have to complete it, if you want, with massages and active anti-cellulite and slimming concentrates.

On the Burgundy side, I have tried the Vinésime brand which offers treatments (relaxing massage...) based on Pinot Noir polyphenols.

An ideal treatment to prepare your holidays in good condition, massages free your mind and take you away from the daily worries.

best massage oils vinesime

I was lucky to be able to test a product for you: the divine radiance oil. I received a massage with this oil in the Spa Marie de Bourgogne.

Before starting, I must say that the packaging is really beautiful and the massage one of the best I've even received with one of the best massage oils! We are clearly in luxury. The bottles look very elegant, distinguished and are clearly of quality. They really have nothing to envy to the big brands that everyone knows.

To complete the whole, these products are made in France, made in Bourgogne, and especially guaranteed without parabens, dyes, phenoxyethanol or derived from animals! 

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