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What is a massage?

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Pollution, day-to-day problems, as well as fatigue and external aggression permanently affect your organism.

However, body balance, relaxation of muscular fibers, relaxation, relief of the various physical pains and psychological traumatisms are the guarantors of our vitality and our good health.

Massage is a gentle and natural alternative to:

  1. help you recharge energy
  2. find a new harmony between body and mind
  3. treat the various common ailments.

If you want to use massage therapy, find out all the information you need to do the right choice and opt for the massage that will meet your needs.

What is massage therapy?

Massage therapy is a natural therapeutic method based on the art of touch.

It has the ability to overcome many ailments and help to cure some serious diseases.

Therapeutic massage and wellness massage act on the body and offer well-being and relaxation  to relieve the pain and improve function organs, but also on the mind by evacuating tension, stress and anxiety.

The whole body can receive massages.

From head to toe, each area has its own specificities and virtues.

A complete massage is the best way to enjoy all the benefits of massage therapy.

Massage techniques

Several massage techniques can vary the movement of the touch to achieve different goals depending on the desired benefits. Among the most used techniques are:

  1. effleurage
  2. friction
  3. petrissage
  4. palper-rouler
  5. tapotement
  6. smoothing, grinding, pressure and vibration massage.

Types of massage

The best massage is the most effective method that will meet the actual needs of the person being massaged. Nevertheless, all massages generally have therapeutic virtues and provide quite similar benefits. There are many types of massage, the most common being:

  1. Asian massage (shiatsu massage therapy and reflexology)
  2. Thai massage
  3. Ayurvedic massage
  4. Kashmiri massage
  5. Balinese massage
  6. Korean relaxation
  7. Californian massage
  8. Swedish massage
  9. Seated massages 
  10. In the reflexology branch, foot reflexology, hand reflexology, facial reflexology, energy reflexology and atrial reflexology are also distinguished.

Massage products and devices

Massages can be done or not with a massage product.

Oils, candles, clay or hot stones are all products that contribute to a successful massage.

In addition, the use of devices is frequent for a home massage or in addition to a massage provided by a professional. 

The use of a massage device will also allow you to save money since you do not need to use the services of a massage therapist.

Different types of devices are available in shops, such as the table, massage cushions and chair, mattress and massage cushion. The choice is then difficult and requires a minimum of knowledge.

Choose your massage therapist

In France, only physiotherapists called "kiné" can do therapeutic massages. The other "masseurs" practice only wellness massages.

Several criteria make it possible to choose a good massage therapist and to identify the best massage according to your expectations. The choice of the place, such as the massage clinic, whether at home or in a day spa or in a hotel spa, also makes it possible to be guided by the needs and the profile of each one.

The periodicity of the massages as well as the choice of the professional will also be dictated by your budget.

What is a massage for?

Endorphins are without a doubt one of the best things in life. They help control discomfort, improve your mood and allow you to relax.

So if you are like me and don't like to exercise, massage may seem like a good alternative. Do you know that even a simple walk can trigger their secretion in your system? But if you do not have time to breath, do not forget the old remedy always available and inexpensive, the massage.

You may not have time or the means to go see a massage practitionner? I'm going to show you simple massage techniques that can really be performed by an amateur and that will trigger a massive push of endorphins.

Shoulder massage for even more endorphins

what is a massage

If you are lucky enough to have someone else available for you to massage, we will start with a shoulder massage.

Here's how you go to ask your partner to massage you.

1. Petrissage

Stand behind the person and place the palms of your hands on the back of his shoulders between the shoulder blades. With your fingers, lift the top of the shoulders from the bottom to the top. With the thumbs, you can go up to the cervical spine, without touching them.

2. Friction

Now you will extend your thumbs as low as possible along the backbone without taking your hands off the shoulders. Slide your thumbs all the way up to the cervical spine. You can also practice this same technique by printing circular motions.

3. Shoulder pressure

With the fingertips, massage the upper edge of the trapezium by exerting progressive pressure from the tip of the shoulder to the edge of the neck.

4. Upper back pressure

As you relax the knots in the shoulders with your fingers, move your palms by pressing firmly on the upper back, and massage between the shoulder blades and the spine.

5. Effleurage

Finally slide both hands gently in the upper back with circular motions. 

When you press hard, always stay in the tolerance of the person, the massage must always remained pleasant.

Would you like to know more and improve your massage? Sign up for a massage class. See the program.

You do not have anyone on hand to massage you?

And you must know that you have the most beautiful tool in the world: your hands! I suggest you practice these few techniques of self massage of the shoulders.

As a bonus! Ear massage

This may sound strange, but one of the easiest ways to bring about a global sensation of relaxation and trigger the secretion of endorphins is to massage your ears. No matter if you do it to someone else or self-massage, the approach is exactly the same.

ear massage
  • Gently grasp the earlobes of the person between the index finger and the thumb.
  • Gently roll the lobes in your fingers.
  • Continue the movement along the edge of the ears, making several round trips.

Now you know what is a massage. Relaxation is guarantied!

I hope you enjoyed this article on what is a massage. For more information on the benefits of massage, I invite you to read the articles of my section "The power of touch".

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